Human Resource


Total Workforce 3481

No. of Farmers Assisted 9,500
Direct employment 3,500


 “What is in it for me as an employee of GREL?”

In line with the Company’s vision, mission and core values, GREL offers total value to employees through sustainable employment (green jobs) in return for their work as well as putting employees at the center of its expansion drive. This value, which is more than just a combination of compensations and benefits, encompasses everything (total rewards) our employees get in return for their time and effort invested during their employment relationship with GREL.

GREL’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) comprehensive offering is on these Five (5) pillars:

  • Financial Rewards: This proposition of GREL considers our employees satisfaction in relation to whole evaluation, timeliness and fairness in renumeration system as well as other financial
  • Employment Benefits: The advantages and series of opportunities for employees’ satisfaction in relation to working with GREL.
  • Career Development: GREL through its integrated talent management system (ITMS) provides holistic opportunities for professional development and career advancement. By giving our employees the best of experience and retaining the best of our human capital, we adopt a comprehensive scientific approach in identifying high potentials, establishing clear career paths, supporting growth on and off the job and empowering the employees with additional responsibilities together with the resources required to fulfill
  • Work Environment: The work setting encompasses different factors that constitute safe/ conducive working These factors include but not limited to providing a clear understanding of employee’s role and responsibilities, adoption of appropriate state of the art technologies such as SAP-ERP / S4HANA, Successfactors, etc. to facilitate work processes, certifications in three ISO standards (9001: 2015 QMS, 14001:2015 EMS & 45001:2018 OHSMS), Rubberway, ECOVADIS, SPOTT and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Company Culture: Our culture defines what it is like to work for GREL, how employees are treated daily and what the employer and employees expect from one This component also includes alignment with the company’s goals and plans with special emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability.

GREL’s employee value proposition cuts across the following:

1.       Financial Rewards
  •       a. Competitive, fair and sustainable remuneration system  
  •       b. Loan services
2.       Employment Benefits
  •        a. Accommodation provision and support
  •        b. Transportation
  •        c. Canteen services
  •        d. Sustainable Health insurance package for workers and dependents
  •        e. Retirements Benefits
  •        f. Paid leaves
  •        g. Provision of Recreational centers for regular exercise
  •        h. Mobile clinic
  •         i. Long service rewards
  •         j. Psychological assessment & support
  •        k. Post retirement support: Green retirement/ Sustainable income after retirement
  •        l. 24-hour Life insurance package (Funeral grants and death gratuity)
  •        m. Voluntary investment schemes for employees (Provident and Terminal benefit funds)
  •        n. Social fund
  •        o. Medical advance support
  •        p. Scholarship schemes for wards of employees
3.       Career Development
  •        a. Employee Competency and skills development

                   i. Technical, Managerial and leadership skills

                  ii.  International Mobility opportunities across all domains

                  iii.  French proficiency training and French immersion opportunities outside Ghana

                  iv. Company Sponsored courses (E.g., Bachelors/ Postgraduate/ Professional Programmes)

  •         b. Mentoring and Coaching programmes
  •         c. Internal career opportunities
  •         d. Internal Promotion (vertical and horizontal movements)
  •         e. Permanent transfer to any of the subsidiaries within the SIFCA Group
4.  Work Environment
  •          a. State of the art working ambience
  •          b. Digitization of work processes
  •          c. Workplace safety and zero accident target
  •          d. Policy on Discrimination and sexual harassment
  •          e. Fair treatment policy
  •          f. Policy on flexible working hours
  •          g. Work-life balance
  •          h. Recognition & rewards
  •          i. Team building programmes
  •          j. Social dialogue avenues
  •          k. Grievance handling mechanisms    
  •          l. Ethics Committee
  •         m. Internal Communication platform (infoboard)
  •          n. Job security
5.  Company Culture
  •          a. Trust and positive collaboration between team members across all Departments / Units
  •          b. Strong alignment of employees to company goals
  •          c. High performance
  •          d. Team building support
  •          e. Social dialogue avenues
  •          f. SIFCA Anti-child Labour Policy