Rubber Purchase And Technical Assistance (RUTAP) Formerly ROU

Since 1995, the company in partnership with the Government of Ghana, Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), through Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) and National Investment Bank (NIB) has invested € 59,100,000.00 to help about 8012 individuals to develop 30,155ha of rubber plantation under the Rubber Outgrower Plantation Project (ROPP) under five (5) phases.

In addition to the ROPP, GREL as Technical Operator has also contributed to the development of 15,193ha for 1,650 farmers under its Self-Finance Outgrower (SFO) Scheme and 3,675ha for 550 other private farmers.


GREL, is one of the major economical actors of the Western Region, providing livelihood to more than 70,000 people.

The outgrower project provides direct employment for about 3,500 people in the rural areas in addition to 9,500 farmers who have been assisted to plant rubber. This helps provides employment in the rural areas thereby provide income and improved standards of living for these rural areas.  This is also helping to reduce the rural-urban migration as it creates a source of livelihood for otherwise the unemployed youths.

Summary of Outgrower farmers and hectares developed

Scheme (Year) Number of Outgrowers Ha Planted
Phase I (1995-1999) 400 1200
Phase II (2001-2005) 500 2855
Phase III (2006-2010) 1800 7885
Phase IV (2010-2013) 2800 10700
Phase V (2013-2016) 2512 7515
Total ROPP 8012 30155
SFO+EXT+GR+CSR+Agents From 1995-2022 2588 22024
Total 10600 52179


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