The field operations organized the third edition of the agricultural week celebration at Abura on February 21–22, 2023. The objective of the week’s celebration was to review the 2022 performance of the operations in the field and to look at the 2023 plan and mount strategies to achieve it.

The first day of the meeting was primarily dedicated to presentations from the various units, during which the major challenges for 2022 were highlighted, along with action plans to reduce or mitigate their effects on GREL’s business.

On the second day, the participants (mainly field managers) engaged in an exercise dubbed “Walk the fields,” in which all participants were assigned fieldwork to identify some lapses or defects. The goal of the field trip was for each group to go to two different Estate divisions 2 blocks, one immature and one matured, and do the following while walking the field:

  • Identify agronomical, social, and environmental lapses.
  • Observe all the positive practices (strengths).
  • Observe all the negative practices (weaknesses).
  • Propose five (5) most important things that should be done to correct the lapses identified.

After the field visit, four groups presented their findings to the house. Their findings were compared to the findings of the “expert” team.

The Estate Manager, Mr. Kwadwo WIAFE, in his closing remarks congratulated all the field managers on their hard work, resilience, and commitment to work throughout the past year. He urged them to “walk the field” as often as they can to ensure better achievement in 2023.

The Director of Agriculture-SIPH, Mr. Eric CAVALOC, also commended all the field managers for their hard work and dedication. He gave a brief overview of the technical issues he observed and advised the field managers to take a critical look at them in order to manage the estate plantation more efficiently and productively.

Mr. Gregory MENSAH, former Awodua site manager, who is currently on mobility at SIPH in Cote D’Ivoire, also participated in the Agricultural week.