The Rubber Technical Assistance and Purchase (RUTAP) of Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL) has begun the process of traceability from the plantation to the rubber bale in support of transparency and EUDR compliance. The first phase of the process is the sensitization of rubber out grower farmers and geolocation of their farms by RUTAP.

As part of the sensitization program, the CEO of SIPH, Mr. Marc Genot, and Mr. Thierry Cauchy, the MD of GREL, accompanied the RUTAP team led by Mr Florian Dezwaene, Head Of RUTAP, to one of the sensitization events held in the Jomoro Municipal Assembly, of the Western Region of Ghana.

During the event, rubber out-grower farmers were educated on the importance of forest conservation and the impacts of deforestation. They were also taken through the process of registration and geolocation of their farms as the first step in traceability. The participants were also educated on child labour, land title, land use rights, etc. The meeting highlighted the collaborative efforts needed to navigate EUDR requirements and address farmers’ challenges for sustainable production.