On Friday, March 8, 2024, GREL marked a significant milestone by celebrating International Women’s Day, themed “Inspire Inclusion.” The event, which took place at the various sites of the company, provided a platform to acknowledge women’s achievements and advocate for a more inclusive culture within the GREL community.

The programme commenced with a welcome and a brief introduction to International Women’s Day 2024 by Gladys Davids, Administrative Manager.  Her opening address set the tone for an eventful celebration and admonished women to strive to fulfill their responsibilities and contribute to making their homes and the world a better place for themselves, their families, and society at large.

Thierry Cauchy, Managing Director, in his speech emphasized the importance of fostering an inclusive workplace culture. His words resonated with the commitment of GREL’s leadership to support and uplift the women in the organization.

The celebration continued with a documentary on “Employee Spotlight” which featured Alfreda Nambeog (Extension Officer – RUTAP), Esther Nas Cobbinah (Methods and Performance Manager), Doris Serwaa Dwira Bediako-Poku (Deputy System & Quality Manager – SIPH/SAPH) and Rosana Ayenwer (Technical Contractor Head lady).  They shared their stories, perspectives, and insights, highlighting the diverse talents and achievements within the company.

Facilitating the ‘Call to Action’, Linda Wunaki, Deputy HR Manager, mentioned May 2024 as the projected launch date for the GREL Ladies Association. She delivered a brief overview of the association’s constitution and said the organizing committee was opened for programme/events suggestions. She encouraged all women to prepare for active participation various capacities.

The symbolic moment was the “Cake Cutting” ceremony, where Heads of Departments joined GREL’s ladies at various sites. This gesture not only marked a moment of unity but also highlighted the collective commitment towards a more inclusive workplace.

The program concluded with a photography session at the various sites at GREL.

The International Women’s Day celebration at GREL not only honored the achievements of women and also reaffirmed that they were ambitious, they possessed great substance and were capable of fulfilling diverse roles.

Through this event, GREL has set a positive trajectory towards a future where inclusion and empowerment are at the forefront of its organizational culture