GREL Hosts Successful Annual Internal Audit Seminar for SIFCA Group Subsidiaries

From July 25 to July 27, 2023, GREL hosted the annual SIFCA INTERNAL AUDIT Seminar at the Abura Conference Room, which brought together delegates from all subsidiaries of the prestigious SIFCA Group, including GREL. The seminar aimed to foster knowledge exchange and enhance internal audit processes across the participating companies.

The participants were warmly welcomed by the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) of SIFCA, Mr Othniel Bosson. In his presentation, the CAE highlighted the need for all auditors to showcase strong values through Integrity, Excellence and Team Spirit. Adhering to such values will eliminate the risk of individualism, selfishness, doing the bare minimum, cheating, and lying on the job. It set the tone for the subsequent sessions, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and shared learning.

Mr. Othniel Bosson reiterated that despite the challenges faced by Internal Auditors within the group, HOD’s are tasked to develop strategies aimed at achieving the audit plan set for the year. Throughout the seminar, participants engaged in lively discussions and workshops, gaining valuable insights into optimising audit processes, and aligning them with industry standards.

The seminar was concluded with team building/bonding fun games at Maha Beach Resort that included boat riding, volleyball, and coconut games, among others. After the bonding exercise, participants used the avenue to thank GREL’s Management and IA team for hosting such a prestigious seminar.

Overall, the Audit Seminar proved to be a resounding success, achieving its objectives of promoting knowledge sharing, team bonding, and empowering the subsidiaries to excel in their internal audit endeavours. And all participants were left with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of audit processes and equipped with practical knowledge to handle audits effectively within their respective organisations.

The participating companies included the prominent SIFCA Holdings, SAPH, RENL, CRC-MOPP, PALMCI, SANIA and SUCRIVOIRE.