GREL APM Factory Safety Day

On June 30, 2023, the company organized a remarkable safety program at the factory titled “Enhancing an Effective Safety Culture,” demonstrating a strong commitment to the well-being and security of its employees. The event aimed at raising awareness about safety practices, and it was a resounding success with its diverse lineup of speakers, activities, and festive atmosphere.

The safety program commenced with a vibrant float parade from Agona Nkwanta to the APM factory, accompanied by a dedicated police escort and GREL’s ambulance. The APM Factory Manager, Mr. Felix OBIRI, delivered a speech emphasizing the significance of safety in the workplace. He highlighted GREL’s commitment to prioritizing employee well-being and the importance of adhering to safety protocols while fostering a culture of vigilance.

The Human Resources Manager, Mr. Howard Y. NANEVIE, in his speech stressed on the need to maintain a secure work environment. Staff members were encouraged to voice their concerns. There was interactive session which allowed Mr. Nanevie to address specific concerns and propose solutions to them.

Dr. Grace OPPONG on behalf of the Clinic team took participants through a presentation on musculoskeletal disorders. The presentation emphasized the importance of understanding and preventing such conditions.

The Security unit of the Corporate Affairs Department delivered an insightful presentation on factory security measures. They sensitized participants on the importance of surveillance systems and the proper usage of access cards for enhanced security protocols.

The Administrative Manager, Madam Gladys DAVIS, delivered a speech on the importance of environmental responsibility, specifically energy conservation. She highlighted the company’s dedication to sustainability and shared several energy-saving initiatives while encouraging active employee participation in energy conservation efforts.

In addition to the informative sessions, the safety program also included moments of celebration and enjoyment, reflecting the company’s belief in fostering a positive work environment. Participants were treated to lively music, dancing, and a festive feast, creating an atmosphere of joy and providing employees the opportunity to unwind, socialize, and strengthen their connections with colleagues.