GREL as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility has provided the people of Elobankata and Chavene communities all in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region. The facility was handed over to the communities on Friday, February, 25 2022.

The Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr. Perry Acheampong in a speech read on behave of the Managing Director of GREL Mr. Lionel Barre, introduced the new slogan of GREL, which is “Latex……and so much more”. This new slogan represented what the company stands, that is:
• Committed to providing sustainable income for the communities,
• Committed to providing access to portable to drinking water for the communities,
• Committed to providing access to primary health care for the communities,
• Committed to providing opportunities to education and personal development for the communities and
• Committed to providing responsible farming and protecting environment through good biodiversity practices.

He said it is in this vein that the company has committed so much resources into various CSR projects to help improve the living standards in the communities.

Adding to that, he said, the company has a Community Grievance Handling Desk in the area so that anyone with a problem should not hesitate to channel his dissatisfaction through the Office for resolution to ensure peace and harmony between the company and the communities.

The Corporate Affairs Manager urged the leadership of Elobokanta and Chavene to put in place effective mechanisms to ensure that this costly project is well maintained to serve its purpose.
Mr. Perry Acheampong also pleaded with the chiefs, elders and the entire community to take good care of the facility to prolong its lifespan.

He further urged the leadership and entire communities to continue to live in peace and also to maintain good relationship with GREL as the company has “so much more for them”.

Speaking at the function, Omanhene of Lower Axim Traditional Area & Vice Chairman of ACLANGO, His Royal Majesty, Awulae Attibrukusu II expressed his profound gratitude to the company and advised the people to use water wisely and for productive purposes.